Must-See Australian Art Festivals in 2015

2015 has already kicked off with a few great art festivals, especially with one of Sydney’s largest having come and gone earlier in the year. There is still a great deal of fantastic art festivals planned throughout Australia as 2015 rolls on. With this list, we’ll look at some of the upcoming events during the Summer and Autumn months. Events without a shown date are yet to be determined, but more information can be learned on their respective website.

  • The Melbourne Winter Masterpieces, Victoria

(16 July – 1 November)

A series of exhibitions which started in 2004, the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces feature work from artists that are globally renowned, including local artists.

  • Cairns Indigenous Art Fair


Celebrate the art and culture of both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, with art exhibitions, demonstrations of dance and music, and more, in this Queensland exhibition that will also feature sales of art by indigenous artists born in the area.

Must-See Australian Art Festivals in 2015
  • Brisbane Festival

(6 – 27 September)

A massive Queensland festival featuring art booths, music, food, and more, throughout much of the month of September. The entire event takes place throughout several bars and restaurants, as well as areas which are specifically designated for highlighting the atmosphere and culture of the city.

  • Kings Park Festival


While not strictly an art celebration, the Kings Park Festival is an exhibition of the area’s wildflower population, which can be an incredible source of inspiration for artists that may want to represent Australia’s natural beauty in any medium they choose. Taking photographs of specimens for reference is highly recommended.

  • Melbourne Festival
Must-See Australian Art Festivals in 2015

(18 – 25 October)

One of the largest arts festivals in the world, and one of Australia’s most important events, the Melbourne Festival brings together some of the best performance and visual art that the country has to offer.

  • Parramasala


Another international art festival, with a focus on the contemporary and the globally aware. A presentation of film, visual art, performance, music, theatre, and much more.

  • Sculpture by the Sea
Must-See Australian Art Festivals in 2015

(22 October – 8 November)

Finally, we end with an event just for fans of sculptures. Exhibiting the work of over 100 artists that range from the serious to the fantastical, these sculpture exhibits are located along the Bondi Beach in Sydney in the open air.

This list is by no means complete- there’s such a wealth of Australian art events going on throughout the year, that there simply isn’t enough space here to list all of them. If you’re in an Australian city and want to know more about their local art festivals, we highly encourage you to check out the city’s respective website for a calender; many art events occur alongside other exhibitions, including food and movie festivals, while others may happen in smaller galleries located throughout the area.

If you can attend each one on this list, you’re already well on your way to taking in all of the great art that Australia has to offer.